Utah Furniture Warehouse
The Room Loft is a furniture store located in Brigham City at 475 East 1000 South, is owned and operated by Mr. Roger Cranney’s daughter, Courtney Jensen, who opened the store in 1999.

Mr. Cranney, who has worked in the furniture business for years, used to take his daughter with him when he sold products to other businesses. She liked it so much, she decided at the age of 21, to start her own business.

Mr. Cranney stated, “I owned the building, and told her if she wanted to clean it up and fix it up, it was hers, so she did.” Courtney turned the old World War II hospital building into a furniture store, complete with sofas, love seats, recliners, bedroom sets, dinette sets, stunning antiques, and more. “We carry the brand names, and have a great selection of leather and other types of material. We have good quality furniture at fair prices. We also have over 10,000 square feet of antiques, as well as all of the accessories people like to decorate their homes with. We have lamps, pictures, things you put on your coffee table,” Mr. Cranney said, “While the store’s prices are fair, it won’t stoop to the lowest price. That’s because the store believes in high value furniture items. When you start getting into the real low prices you begin to have bad value in your furniture.” He continued, “With furniture you get what you pay for in most cases.” Mr. Cranney stated that he is thrilled his daughter decided to follow in his footsteps. “She started young but she already had plenty of experience in the furniture industry,” he said, “She’s a smart girl and she knew what to do.”

The Room Loft, a furniture store in Utah continues to provide quality home furnishings at great prices.